A while it’s been.


It’s been some time again since I’ve posted anything. For some reason I just can’t stay on top of blogging. Let’s resume.

This season has started off good and not so good. The upside is that I feel my fitness is improving quite a bit. I’m finally happy with it. The running and biking are both consistently improving but I’ve lost all desire and motivation to swim however. I’m not one to give up but that’s a lost cause for 2014. Not necessarily a bad thing, but why do something you don’t enjoy!?

DNF. I had my first DNF on my very first attempt at a 50k race. Sleeping, vomiting, and diarrhea of 3 days prior took their toll. Four pounds lighter and much weaker I figured I’d do bad, but at least wanted to try. Dropped down to the 30k, made it to mile 8 but couldn’t hold anything down and called it quits. Just zero energy in me whatsoever. Maybe I could’ve finished, but there’s no reason to destroy myself with a fun season ahead.

Next up I have Xterra Black Mountain 15k, a couple small local tris, Holcomb Valley 15mi, and Sierre-Zinal 31k! Yes, Sierre-Zinal as in Switzerland. I am beyond stoked 🙂 Should be a fun one, I’ll keep updating.  Onward!


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