I am terrible at blogging!  I didn’t realize but another month just flew by.  Oops.  

Anyway, after the Mt. Baldy race I took some time off to let the ankle heal, and it certainly took the time!  There were a few attempts at jogging but no dice.  The only thing that seemed to take away the pain was a 50-mile mountain bike ride.  Go figure!

After all the recent excitement, I hate to say it but my Skechers GoBionic Trail shoes have worn down quite a bit, after just 100-some miles.  They are a great shoe, but the outsole simply does not last.  Maybe it’s just my style of running, maybe not.  Either way, I’m a bit disappointed.  The rest of the shoe is holding up very well with no issues whatsoever.  I suppose you can never have a perfect all-around shoe.. or can you?  Bring in the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra!  I first spotted them at the Baldy race and fell in love.  Then after some research I realized why I’ve never looked into them.  MRSP is $180.  When purchasing things I always keep one thing in my mind – you get what you pay for.  After some frantic research, I found them for about half price at  They arrived the following day and I was hooked from the moment I opened the box.  

100 miles later, I can say that: 
1) They fit.  Like a glove!  I was a bit worried about the narrower toebox than I’m used to, but thinner socks solved that.  The seamless upper is amazing and I’ve experienced no hotspots or chafing areas.  No blisters and the shoe breathes very well.   
2) They float.  The Sense Ultras are light!
3) They protect.  I have been searching for a lightweight minimalist trail shoe that protects, and these are it!  I can say that they protect much better than the Skechers due to the built-in ProFeel Film, which is a lightweight approach to a rockplate.  It does the job superbly and I’ve had no issues.  Not sure if a heavier person would feel the same, but at 143-ish lbs, my feet are happy on rocky terrain.
4) They quicklace.  Essentially built-in yankz without the bulk or tackiness. 
5) So far, they last.  I know that there are a few reviews out there talking about the upper ripping fairly quickly, but after 50+ miles on these, I haven’t seen any signs.  The outsole barely shoes any signs of wear or tear which is a huge plus for me after the Skechers ordeal. 

Glad to find THE ONE.  My feet are very, very happy lately 🙂  My bank account, not so much.

On another note, October 1 marked the first day that my training will focus on my first marathon!  This is a trail race in Santa Barbara right before Thanksgiving.  26.2 miles with 6,600ft of gain.  It’s gonna hurt!


simple is better.

evening run from a few days ago



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