mt. baldy run 2 top

Well this race came and went quickly!  It was a perfect-weather day, with some great company and amazing support which is somewhat of a new concept for me haha.  I was worried the entire morning about my ankle, which still hurt and still hurts today.  It didn’t heal fully but I taped that sucker up and pushed it anyway.  Maybe a risky thing to do but I survived!   

I ran the course pretty hard for the first 4 miles to the notch but after that things slowed down.  I was stuck behind some slow walkers and even though I could’ve jogged faster, I didn’t have the space or the energy to sprint around them once we got to the singletrack.  Note to self for next year: start out towards the front!  I know a lot of racers (road or trail) prefer to start in the middle of the pack but in my experience that never plays out well.  I race better when I’m at the front from the start.  

Ankle pain, only a month of training, and all other pains associated with Baldy aside, I am happy with the 26th Overall place and 4th AG with a time of 1:27:31.  Okay who am I kidding, I am pretty unhappy with it haha.  I have a problem with looking forward to things way too much, so naturally training for next year and 1:10 starts as soon as the ankle feels better.  I know what I need to do or not to do, where my weaknesses are, and most of all I know I have it in me and will find a way to place in top 5 in 2014!

Other than race results, I couldn’t have asked for a better race day and a holiday.  Actually today the times don’t even matter to me so much anymore (trail running is weird like that for me).  Thanks again so much to all of the awesome support and smiles along the way.  They make a huge difference and push me like no other.  I don’t even know how I raced all alone before and frankly, I’m scared to race like that again in the future.. 

Happy Tuesday!

Some pre-race napping and worrying!

Looking retarded

Our Loma Linda group of runners

Enjoying the summit!


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