baldy ankles

A few days ago I mentioned that I sprained my ankle coming down San Gorgonio and although it’s healed some, it’s not where I need it to be.   Naturally, I’m freaking out with the race coming up in 5 days and don’t know what to do.  I am still able to walk but running hills brings the pain back immediately.  I am so incredibly bummed since I’ve put in so much effort into training for this race.  Why is it that whenever things go bad, they all go bad at once?  By now that should be a given and I should just learn to accept and expect it!

On the more fun side, a few of my friends and I summited Baldy last evening.  Ankle felt better as the night progressed, so I’ll take it.  Initially our plans consisted of only reaching the halfway point but it was just too nice to stop there.  We pushed on and were rewarded with a cold, windy, and enjoyable trail-mix dinner in the ad-hoc stone wind shelters.  Here are a few pics:


2 responses to “baldy ankles

  1. Hey Andrejs… thanks for stopping by my R3 blog. Hope you're ankle get better – I'll likely be at Baldy run2top on Monday too!btw, you have some great photos on here!

  2. Thanks Ryan! Ankle is still hurting unfortunately and I'll try taping it up tomorrow morning. We'll see how it goes.. Should be a fun race though and good luck!

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