south fork trail adventures

Yesterday I decided to do another run up San Gorgonio in hopes of getting a bit more training at elevation.  Long and slow is not what Mt. Baldy race is, but I feel that I get adequate speedwork throughout the week.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I need to get more endurance over the weekends.  I’ll find out next Monday!

Run started off well and discovering new trails is always exctiting.  About halfway up though, for the first time I began to get dizzy.  I am not sure if it was the changing weather (storms coming in), lack of enough breakfast, lack of sleep and a rough weekend in personal life, or just pushing too hard in the beginning, or a combination of all but I did more walking than I should’ve.  I know next time I’ll run the trail it will be easier since it’s always nice knowing when and where you can push it and when you should back off.  

Made it to the summit in about 2.5 hours which is much slower than Fish Creek trail, but also with 1k ft of extra elevation gain.  I’ll take it for the first time around.  I was able to sit at the top, 2 miles high, and just watch the clouds funnel up between nearby peaks right towards me.  What an awesome feeling!  I’m still eagerly awaiting till I get above a full cloudcover, but it seems that’s for another day.  Yesterday’s weather forecast called for rain and thunder but I escaped most of it and only felt a few drops at around 7.5k ft.  Bummer, because I was really hoping for some.  On the way down, I took a couple falls for the first time in trail running, but walked away with some dirt in mouth, scratches, and a bruised ego :p   Overall, I was happy with the run and enjoyed every single view!  Below are a couple photos.  
Watching the clouds roll in at 11,500ft

Looking down at Dragon’s Head.  Initially I was hoping to drop down and summit it too, but I’ll save it for another day.

Views on the descent towards Dry Lake

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