sun. gorgonio

Had another good training week and ended it with a great run up San Gorgonio on one of the original trails (Fish Creek) I ‘conquered’ my first 20 miler a year or so ago.  I had actually woken up early for this run, like 3am early.  My goal was to get there and reach the summit and watch the sunrise but that dream quickly disappeared once I parked the car.  An hour and a half of driving wore me out and I tilted the seat back and just let myself drift off for a nice 1.5hr nap 🙂  

So I didn’t get to see the sunrise at the top but I did have a pretty awesome run.  Got a new personal best to the summit (2:12) and came back down feeling great after a 20mile round trip.  I shaved off over 44 minutes from last time and hopeful to break that 2hr mark later this fall.  Learned a lot more about personal nutrition and what my body handles best which is always fascinating to me how long it takes to figure out the smallest and simplest things.

The race (Baldy Run to the Top) is in two weeks (!) and I’m hoping for another long summit run with the usual mid-week training in between.  

Enjoying the sunshine and a breakfast atop San Gorgonio as the clouds are rolling in

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