Had another great Sunday run up Mt. Baldy today.  Last weekend was the first time I’ve ever ran at that elevation and those grades.  It was tough, and this weekend was no exception.  My goal however was to just keep moving.  I had plenty of stopping time last weekend in addition to walking.  Walking sections of the trail brought no shame but stopping to catch my breath is simply an unnecessary time loss.  

From the get-go I felt sluggish and slow, my legs tight and calves on fire.  For a moment I thought it may be the new footwear but it dawned on me that I just ran Blue Mountain on Friday night.  My glutes were yelling, but I still managed to beat my old time up to the ski lift notch fork by over 5 minutes.  From there, I pressed on to the summit, attacking the most deceiving 3 miles of the course.  Distance is short but the climb is painful as the air gets thinner and grades are well above 30% in many sections.  The views however make it all very much worth it. 

Looking down at the Devil’s Backbone section of Baldy

Speaking of new shoes, I absolutely love my Skechers GoBionic Trail!  I can finally say that after 2 years of spending countless dollars on trail shoes, I’ve finally come across a pair that my feet get along with.  They keep the dirt out, breathe very well, have plenty of room for my toes, and have an option of being zero drop or 4mm drop with the insert.  I took out the insert and enjoyed the zero drop option.  Can’t say anything on their reliability yet, but will find out soon enough.  I will however still do the race in my Merrell Barefoot Trail Gloves simply because Baldy is a short uphill course.  The GoBionics seem to be great for longer distances with rocky downhills.

Overall, a great training run and day and finished it off with an easy 7-miler on the Pacific Electric Trail in Rancho.
Also, thinking of doing Cactus-to-Clouds trail in November.  We’ll see how that goes.  11k ft in 9 miles is no joke! 

Enjoying new shoes at top of Baldy


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