friday Blue(s)

Another week of work and training done!  I wasn’t able to get in all the runs and rides I was hoping for, but my trail run duration is still much higher than before.  

This evening I ran Blue Mountain again which is a rather short but steep fire road ascent.  I like to use it as a gauge of my fitness, and will do so once a week for this month.  On average it’s about a 10% climb over 1.8 miles, steadily increasing in grade with sections  >30% towards the top.  It has a 1200′ elevation gain and is a great workout and a benchmark run.  

Tonight however I felt terrible and slow, walking more often that I should’ve, but to my surprise I still got the CR (course record) on Strava and beat my personal best by over 30 seconds with a time of 18:34.  It feels good to see improved times on a difficult course when feeling bad.  You know you’re doing something right!

This Sunday I’ll be heading back to Baldy to run the course again.  I just received a new pair of Skechers GoBionic Trail shoes and can’t wait to try them out.  I’ll still be racing in my Merrell Barefoot Trail Gloves, but I wanted something with a bit more protection for the descent.  I’ll post an update this weekend on the summit and shoes.  Happy running šŸ™‚

Looking East: Shadow of Blue Mountain cast over my usual running trails in Loma Linda. 


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