like dora, the explorer

This morning I went out to explore some local trails, many of which were new to me.  It was exciting to say the least!  Peaceful and quiet, with the pumping heart making the only sound.

After Sunday’s run I decided to lay out my training schedule for the race.  Keeping it simple is priority #1.  I know that results come with work, but in my past training experience I just haven’t seen benefits of running daily.  Rest is much undervalued so simple stupid, it is:

Sundays: Runs at altitude.  Most likely the course itself or similar routes around San Bernardino Forest.  Some will be longer (perhaps 4-5hrs), but running at elevation with good gain will be key.  Perhaps a swim in the afternoon.  

Mondays: Biking and some swimming

Tuesdays: Running local trails, more speed-focused climbs.  Quick, 1-2hrs.

Wednesdays: Longer bike ride (2-3hrs) or shorter w/core or swim.  Whatever I feel like.

Thursdays: Steep day.  Running a local mountain with some good grades and 1k ft gain in just over a mile.  Perhaps some repeats, we’ll see.

Fridays: Biking or short recovery run around the neighborhood.

Saturdays: Off.  

My playground for this morning’s run.  Since it’s so exposed here, by 6:45am, it was already nice and warm.


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