Mizuno wave universe III – first impressions

Ugh, life happens – always at the most unexpected times.. Despite my mind being elsewhere right now, I’m trying to focus on training and nutrition as much as possible. Easier said than done… Anyway for today it’s my first shoe review. After putting some mileage on these Mizunos, here are a few things that I love and don’t love about them.

-Weight. You literally cannot feel that these shoes are on your feet. It’s like wearing socks, or nothing at all. I haven’t tried running sockless yet, but given the weight and comfort, it shouldn’t be a problem. The tongue has zero cushion in it, and in my opinion, there’s absolutely no need for it. Why the extra weight?
-They breathe. My first pair of shoes that actually allow my feet to feel the air flowing. The mesh is very thin, and since the shoe is extremely light, there’s no need for unnecessary stitching and material.
-Despite the light weight – it’s a very well built shoe. I’m not sure how many miles one can get out of these, but I’ll keep the updates coming.
-Price. There are cheaper options out there such as Puma K streets, but given the weight of these, the extra $25-$35 is worth it. After a few thousand strides, even a little bit can make a difference..
-This is nitpicking, but they’re a bit loud, even when running lightly. It’s just the nature of the harder material on the bottom. It’s not the typical rubber.
Additionally I’d like to get a set of lock laces of some sort before any races, since for some reason it takes me a while to lace these guys up. That said – it’s an amazing shoe, and if you’re in the market for a minimalist running shoe, this one’s definitely worth taking a look at.
ps. Keep in mind that it’s not the shoe, but the running technique that makes one an efficient and fast runner. 🙂

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