So I’ve been planning and training for the LA 26.2 in March, but decided to put my current training on hold. I’ve been running all these years and I’ve been doing it wrong, and the worst thing is, I’ve known that I’m running wrong thanks to soreness and injuries.. Throughout this time though, I’ve known in the back of my head that there’s a better and more natural way to run – POSE. Not cool.

Enough crappy running is enough and basically, I’m starting all over again. Do it once and do it right, right? I suppose in this case its doing it over, but point still stands :P. Anyway, I’m pretty excited as I’m learning, but it’s going to be all drills and short runs for a while. Maybe I can do a 13.1 by March, but one thing’s for sure – I’m not running long distances using my old method (or lack thereof), especially in tris. You train like the rest, you’ll compete like the rest..

I’ll post updates on progress. Happy running.

[pohz] [meth-uhd] of running


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